Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Art History Remake Brainstorming: The Scream

What inspired me to choose this piece? Well, I think it's creepy and the colours are pretty. I also couldn't decide on other pieces as I either couldn't think of any ideas to recreate it, or I thought it would be too easy.

I think I'll have someone as The Scream then two people in the background looking over like "What's with that guy?" And for the background, I guess I could take pictures of the river for the water, a normal floor, maybe an origami boat for the boats in the background, and the orange sky, I could take a normal picture of the sky and play around with the colours.

I think I'll splice different background images to create the background.

For props, I'll use an origami boat, I'll need a black cape/dress for The Scream, and the people in the background could wear normal clothes. I'll have to find the black cape thing, but I could make the origami boats.

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